Responding to motorsports demands across the globe, Lotus has designed race ready factory-built racecars for Lotus Cup. From the Elise Cup R and Exige Cup R, to the Evora GT4, explore the latest racecars now available in North America. 

Lotus Elise Cup PB-R 

The Elise Cup PB-R is designed by PB Racing in partnership with Lotus to offer a state-of-the-art racecar at an affordable price. Featuring a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift, the Elise Cup PB-R offers 250hp through its 1.8L supercharged engine. This racecar also features motorsport traction control and ABS, controlled in-cockpit by the driver. In addition, the Elise Cup PB-R comes complete with an aero package that includes a front splitter, rear diffuser, rear wing, and barge boards designed specifically for the Elise. The Elise Cup PB-R is a well-balanced, competitive racecar out of the box and will run as a spec car within Lotus Cup USA. 

Lotus Cup USA Class: SuperSport
MSRP: $85,000

Lotus Elise Cup R 

The Elise Cup R is a prime example of making a totally track focused model. Using the Elise lightweight chassis and composite body, the Elise Cup R is the uncompromised result that exudes the Lotus spirit so succinctly. With its excellent power to weight ratio, combined with an aerodynamic package that maintains zero lift but increases downforce, the Elise Cup R is guaranteed to excite. With the 1.8-litre engine, its induction supplemented by an Eaton supercharger, it means that the power is at an outstanding 217hp. Select the first of the Elise Cup R six, close-ratio gears and the forwards trajectory is simply stunning. Within a purposefully equipped cockpit, provides proof positive that Lotus makes racecar ownership focused and both enticing and affordable.

Lotus Cup USA Class: Production
MSRP: $65,000

Lotus Exige V6 Cup R 

The Exige V6 Cup R is a performance-enhanced sportscar developed for racing drivers by equally passionate racers. The renowned Lotus ride and handling team, at the Hethel test track, created capabilities that are jaw-dropping, in the way that only a truly-focused Lotus can be. Its punchy, supercharged, 3.5-litre V6 engine, has been increased in power to 363bhp (366PS). Its throttle response is immediate. Its handling envelope is thrilling and totally engaging. Mechanical grip is ideal for the racetracks of the world, while an optional six-speed sequential gearbox, featuring dog clutches for ratio engagement, ensure consistently fast progress.

Lotus Cup USA Class: Trophy
MSRP: $150,000

Lotus Evora GT4 

The Lotus Evora GT4 is designed to provide a competitive racing package straight ‘out of the box’. Its lightweight chassis and the composite and carbon fibre body provide a surprising amount of cockpit space, despite the compact exterior dimensions. The Evora GT4 exudes the Lotus spirit of lightness and driving purity to perfection. Boasting 356bhp (360PS), its kerbweight is an exceptional 1,200kgs in race trim. As a result, its exquisite power to weight ratio, combined with an aerodynamic package that maintains zero lift but increases downforce, simply enhances its on track performance appeal.

Lotus Cup USA Class: Trophy
MSRP: $199,000

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